Statutory Professors

The Statutory Professors are

  • Sedleian chair of Natural Philosophy held by Prof. Sir John Ball FRS,
  • Whitehead Professorship of Pure Mathematics held by Prof. Martin Bridson,
  • Rouse Ball chair held by Prof. Philip Candelas FRS,
  • Professorship in the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations held by Prof. Gui-Qiang Chen,
  • Professorship of Mathematics and its Applications held by Prof. S Jon Chapman,
  • Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science held by Prof. Marcus du Sautoy,
  • Professorship of Mathematical Modelling held by Prof. Alain Goriely,
  • Waynflete Professorship of Pure Mathematics held by Prof. Ben Green,
  • Chair of Pure Mathematics held by Prof. Roger Heath-Brown FRS,
  • Savilian Professorship held by Prof. Nigel Hitchin FRS,
  • Wallis Professorship held by Prof. Terry Lyons FRS,
  • Professorship of Mathematical Biology held by Prof. Philip Maini,
  • Professorship of Numerical Analysis held by Prof. L Nick Trefethen FRS,
  • Professorship of Mathematical Finance held by Prof. Xunyu Zhou,
  • Professorship of Mathematical Logic held by Prof. Boris Zilber,