MSc in Mathematical Finance (part-time)

  Part-time MSc in Mathematical Finance

  Programme Overview


  • The MSc builds on a strong mathematical background to educate students in state-of-the-art mathematical and quantitative finance.
  • The programme is delivered in a series of intensive week-long 'modules' taught by a panel of world-leading academics and industrial practitioners.
  • Core modules establish the foundations while advanced modules cover topics such as energy and credit risk, financial risk management, robust methods and market microstructure.
  • Students develop the skills to enhance and progress their career without taking a career break.
  • Students write an academic dissertation in an area of relevance to their career.

  Course Components

  Further Information

  • The report from the External Examiner in 2012 commented "I believe that the course is unique in the country...the students are able to use their experiences to influence their study in a very individual manner, and this provides a very adaptable educational experience for the students... I am unaware of any other courses that are so well tailored to students who are simultaneously working in industry."
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