Topology Seminar

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18 November 2019

The smooth mapping class group of the 4-sphere is pi_0 of the space of orientation preserving self-diffeomorphisms of S^4. At the moment we have no idea whether this group is trivial or not. Watanabe has shown that higher homotopy groups can be nontrivial. Inspired by Watanabe's constructions, we'll look for interesting self-diffeomorphisms of S^4. Most of the talk will be an outline for a program to find a nice geometric generating set for this mapping class group; a few small steps in the program are actually theorems. The point of finding generators is that if they are explicit enough then you have a hope of either showing that they are all trivial or finding an invariant that is well adapted to obstructing triviality of these generators.

25 November 2019
Ivan Smith

The homological monodromy of the universal family of cubic threefolds defines a representation of a certain Artin-type group into the symplectic group Sp(10;\Z). We use Thurston’s classification of surface automorphisms to prove this does not factor through the genus five mapping class group.  This gives a geometric group theory perspective on the well-known irrationality of cubic threefolds, as established by Clemens and Griffiths.

2 December 2019

We construct a cellular decomposition of the
Axelrod-Singer-Fulton-MacPherson compactification of the configuration
spaces in the plane, that is compatible with the operad composition.
Cells are indexed by trees with bi-coloured edges, and vertices are labelled by 
cells of the cacti operad. This answers positively a conjecture stated in 
2000 by Kontsevich and Soibelman.

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