Past Advanced Class Logic

29 May 2014
Ugur Efem

Algebraically closed fields, and in general varieties are among the first examples
of Zariski Geometries.
I will consider specialisations of algebraically closed fields and varieties.
In the case of an algebraically closed field K, I will show that a specialisation
is essentially a residue map, res from K to a residue field k.  
In both cases I will show universality of the specialisation is controlled by the
transcendence degree of K over k.  

  • Advanced Class Logic
22 May 2014
Benjamin Rigler

Given a field K and an ordered abelian group G, we can form the field K((G)) of generalised formal power series with coefficients in K and indices in G. When is this field decidable? In certain cases, decidability reduces to that of K and G. We survey some results in the area, particularly in the case char K > 0, where much is still unknown.

  • Advanced Class Logic