Undergraduate courses in functional analysis

Information on undergraduate courses in functional analysis offered in Oxford in 2014/15 is available through the links below.

B4.1: Banach Spaces
B4.2: Hilbert Spaces
C4.1: Functional Analysis
C4.2: Linear Operators


The second edition of the book Vector-valued Laplace Transforms and Cauchy Problems by Arendt, Batty, Hieber, Neubrander is available from Birkhäuser.

Other useful links

Information about the North British Functional Analysis Seminar, including details about future meetings and publications by members may be found at the following link.
North British Functional Analysis Seminar

Details of seminars given at the Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group can be found at the link below.
Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group

The Banach Space Bulletin Board contains preprints of papers in the field of Banach Space theory.
The Banach Space Bulletin Board

The Mathematics Archive contains a large collections of preprints of papers in many different mathematical areas.
The Mathematics Archive at Los Alamos