A group photo

Descendants at Herrnhut 2013

Charles Batty and various mathematical descendants at the conference 'Operator Semigroups meet Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Mathematical Physics' held 3–7 June in Herrnhut, Germany.



NBFAS meeting, 23 and 24 March

Gilles Pisier at the NBFAS 2012

Gilles Pisier on "Unconditionality of martingale differences for Banach and operator spaces"


Mikael Rordam at the NBFAS 2013

Mikael Rørdam on "Kirchberg algebras arising from groups acting on compact and locally compact spaces"


Magdalena Musat at the NBFAS 2012

Magdalena Musat on "Factorizable completely positive maps and quantum information theory"

Young Functional Analysts' Workshop, 21 and 22 March

YFAW 2012 group picture

Group photo with invited speakers Matthew Daws and Charles Batty


Olga Maleva at YFAW 2012

Invited speaker Olga Maleva during her talk on "Differentiability of functions and geometric measure theory"


YFAW organisers and invited speakers

YFAW organisers Matt Tarbard and David Seifert with three of the invited speakers: Matthew Daws, Wilhelm Winter and Charles Batty (left to right)



Andras Zsak 2011

Richard Haydon, Andras Zsak and Charles Batty after Andras's talk at the Functional Analysis Seminar (Oxford, October 2011)


Professor Malliavin 2001

Professor Malliavin with the functional analysis group (Oxford, March 2001)


Hieber, Batty, Arendt and Neubrander (from left to right) with the first edition of their book (Blaubeuren, 2001)