Information for Prospective Students

General information

The number theory group is expanding, and keen to attract new postgraduate students. In addition to the usual number theory seminars that are organised each week of term, we organise a weekly  junior number theory seminar. The emphasis on the latter is a low pressure environment in which students take turns to give talks. We also hold an annual Number Theory Day at the start of the academic year, at which memebers of the group give talks about their current interests .

Although it is not essential, potential applicants are advised to make informal email contact with their prospective supervisor(s) before making their application.  In particular, it may turn out that some faculty members are unable to take on further students, or are not interested in particular areas of study.


Potential supervisors

The following is a list of members of the department who are willing to take on new graduate students.

Professor Brown

Research area - number theory, arithmetic geometry, perturbative quantum field theory

Current students

  • Claire Glanois

Past students

Prof Flynn

Research area - Arithmetic Geometry, Jacobians of Curves

Current students

Past Students

  • Andy Stubbs (Thesis title - Hyperelliptic Curves - PhD, Liverpool, 2000)
  • Joanne Redmond (Thesis title - Coverings of Families of Curves of Genus 2 - PhD, Liverpool, 2001)
  • Anna Arnth-Jensen
  • Frank Gounelas

Professor Green

Ben Green is always interested in taking on good students. Those interested
are welcome to contact him informally by email.

Professor Heath-Brown

Roger Heath-Brown will NOT be taking any new research students.

Current students

Past students

  • C. Ringrose (Thesis title - The q-analogue of van der Corput's method - DPhil, 1985) 
  • C. Pinner (Thesis title - Topics in analytic number theory - MSc, 1989)
  • S. Dyke(Thesis title - Topics in analytic number theory -  DPhil, 1992)
  • C.-R. Guo (Thesis title - Solvability of Quadratic Equations - DPhil, 1993)
  • D. Shiu (Thesis title - Prime numbers in Arithmetic Progressions - DPhil, 1996)
  • A. Peck (Thesis title - On the differences between consecutive primes- DPhil, 1996)
  • T. Rhodewald
  • J. Haugland (Thesis title - Application of sieve methods to prime numbers - DPhil, 1998) 
  • T. Browning (Thesis title - Counting rational points on curves and surfaces - DPhil, 2001) 
  • L. Pierce (Thesis title - The 3-part of class numbers of quadratic fields - MSc, 2004)
  • G. Marasingha (Thesis title - On pairs of quadratic forms - DPhil, 2005) 
  • Nic Niedermowwe (Thesis title - Zeros of forms with S-unit argument - DPhil, 2008)
  • F.-S. Leung (Thesis Title - Manin's Conjecture On A Non-singular Quartic del Pezzo Surface - DPhil, 2008)
  • T. Trudgian (Thesis title - Further Results on Gram's Law - DPhil, 2009)
  • J. Zahid (Thesis title - Zeros of p-adic Forms - DPhil, 2009)
  • W. Schlackow (Thesis title - A sieve problem over the Gaussian integers - DPhil, 2011)
  • J. Bredberg (Thesis title - On large gaps between consecutive zeros, on the critical line, of some
    zeta-functions - DPhil, 2011)
  • J. Maynard (Thesis title - Topics in analytic number theory - DPhil, 2013)
  • A. Irving (Thesis title - Topics in analytic number theory - DPhil, 2014)
  • T. Reuss (Thesis title -  The determinant method and applications - DPhil, 2015)
  • Simon Myerson

Professor Kim

Minhyong Kim is always interested in taking on good students. Those interested
are welcome to contact him informally by email.

Current students

Dr Lauder

Research area - computational number theory, elliptic curves, modular forms

Current students

Past students

  • George Walker (DPhil, 2010)
  • Sebastian Pancratz (DPhil, 2012)

Professor Maynard

Research area - Analytic number theory and prime numbers. James is always keen to take on good students.

Current students

  • Oliver McGrath

Professor Pila

Research area - Applications of model theory in Diophantine geometry

Current students

Past students

  • Andrew Potter
  • Lee Butler
  • Adam Harris (joint supervision with Prof. Zilber)

Professor Rössler

Research area - arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, Arakelov theory, rational points of varieties of general type over function fields

Current students

Past students

  • Dennis Eriksson (Paris, 2008)
  • Shun Tang (Paris, 2011)
  • Bertrand Duma (Paris, 2012)
  • Cyrille Corpet (Toulouse, 2014)
  • Quan Xu (Toulouse, 2014)


Dr Sanders

Research area - Harmonic Analysis, Additive Combinatorics, Analytic Number Theory

No current or past students