Adding printers to Ubuntu Linux

These instructions were tested on Ubuntu Linux 8.04.

  • Open the "System" menu.
  • Click "Administration".
  • Click "Printing".
  • Click "New Printer".
  • Select "Windows Printer via SAMBA".
    • smb//:MATHS/print0/printername
  • Tick "Authentication Required".
    • Username: MATHS\yourusername
    • Password: your password
  • Click "Forward".
  • Select "HP" from the list of makes. (All our printers are HP models.)
  • Click "Foward".
  • Select the model from the list. You can use "LaserJet" as a generic option.
  • Click "Foward".
  • (Optional) You may wish to set the Printer Name, Description and Location so that you know what this printer is.
  • Click "Apply".