Adding Mac OS X printers

Adding an IPP printer on Mac OS X (tested on 10.6.4)

Please note that if you reset your Maths Institute password, you will need to follow the steps in the Authentication section below to reset the password stored for the printer on your computer.

For Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) some steps have to be excluded (noted in orange). This means that printing from Eduroam and OWL will not work.

  • Open "System Preferences".
  • Click on "Print & Fax" - Note on version 10.8 or later this is called "Printers & Scanners".
    Click on the + symbol
  • Click on the "+" (plus symbol).
    Printer settings
  • Click on "IP" from the top.
  • In the "Protocol:" list select "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP".
  • In the "Address:" enter "". (For 10.7 drop the ":443", so the address is only "")
  • In the "Queue:" select "printers/printername", where printername is the nearest printer to you, for example oak. - Note: On version 10.8 onwards this list does not always populate automatically. If that is the case, simply type "printers/NameOfPrinter" e.g. "printers/spruce" into this box.
  • Enter something for the "Name:" like Oak (G3).
  • Click on "Add"
    Select duplex printing
  • Most printers have duplex unit, so tick the "Duplex Printing Unit" option.
  • Click on "Continue"
  • Send a print job.


For Mac OS X 10.7 it is not possible to do these steps.

If you first print job fails to print, you may need to enable authentication:

  • Open "System Preferences".
  • Click on "Print & Fax".
  • Double click on the printer name.
    Highlight the print job
  • In the print spool dialogue box, highlight the print job.
  • Click "Resume".
    Enter your authentication details
  • An authentication dialogue box should appear.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Tick the "Remember this password" box.
  • Click "OK".

Adding an SMB printer on Mac OS X 10.5.8

  • Open "System Preferences".
  • Click on "Print & Fax".
  • Click on the "+" (plus symbol).
  • Click on "Windows" at the top.
  • Double-click "MATHS" from the list of Windows workgroups (leftmost pane).
  • Double-click "print0" from the list of Windows machines (middle pane).
  • If you have not previously authenticated, a dialogue will pop up asking for your username and password. Please enter the following values:
    • Name: MATHS\yourusername
    • Password: your password
    • Tick the "Remember this password in my keychain" box if you don't want to have to give your password every time you print.
    • Click the printer you would like to use (rightmost pane).
    • Click "Please select a driver of printer model" and then select "Generic PostScript Printer".
    • Click the "Add" button.
    • If the printer has a duplex unit, tick the appropriate box.
    • Click on "Continue".

    If you have problems authenticating to the print server, you may need to reset the login information in your keychain:

    • Open up Finder.
    • Select Applications, then "Utilities" and then start "Keychain Access".
    • Look for an item under "login" with the name "print0".
    • Select this item, and press <backspace>.
    • When prompted, confirm that you wish to delete this item.
    • Restart your system.