Student Standalone Licenses

Matlab plus a few key toolboxes is available for students to download. Students can get the software by going via the central IT Services Registration Server where full installation details are given.

Note the student version includes the core matlab application plus Simulink and the Symbolic, Optimization, Statistics, Image Processing and Control System toolboxes only.

Note student licenses need renewing each year. To renew the license file for an existing student matlab installation

  1. Make sure machine is connected to the internet
  2. Start Matlab
  3. select from the menu bar at the top Help -> Licensing -> Update Current License
  4. Restart Matlab

Staff Standalone Licenses

Standalone licenses for staff are available at a cost (typically £150 + VAT) to the individual/grant/research group (e.g. using grant funds or research incentive funds etc). If you are faculty and have no such funds and particularly need a personal copy of matlab email head-of-it [-at-] maths [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk with the details and other sources of funding can then be investigated.

Note the basic standalone license only provides the core matlab without any toolboxes (toolboxes can be added at an additional cost, typically £150 + VAT per toolbox)

Trouble Shooting Tips

There is also a trouble shooting doc written with reference to the student license but the tips are relevant for the standalone staff licenses too.

Further trouble shooting advice is available if this process does not work.

Further Info

For further detail see