MAT Livestream Feedback

Complete this form to let us know what you liked and didn't like about the MAT livestream, and to tell us what we should do in the new year.

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Tell us about the MAT livestream
TerriblePoorOKGoodExcellentI didn't watch this/ do this
Live broadcasts
Full video available to watch afterwards
Worksheets (selected MAT questions)
Bonus problems
Maths-only edits on YouTube
Admissions and Oxford Q&A
Live chat with other participants
Needs improvementAcceptableExcellent
General video quality
General audio quality
Panopto for live broadcasts
Slido for live chat
YouTube for maths-only edits
PowerPoint and tablet for writing on screen
Video-in-video set-up (presenter in the corner of the screen)
Tell us about yourself
Please select "yes" if your school or sixth form or your teachers organise any sort of support or preparation for you for the MAT. Please select "sort of" if your teachers are supportive, but you don't have specific preparation help.
We're writing a new action plan and we'd like to know if the gender balance for online events is different from the gender balance at in-person events.
Future projects
InterestedNot interested
A livestream covering STEP or other exam problems
A livestream that just contains bonus problems (not past exam questions)
A-level revision support from Oxford via livestream and maths-only videos
Current Oxford students as guests on a livestream
Interviews with Oxford mathematicians as a livestream event

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