Merit Award Results 2004

The Merit Award exercise for the year 2003-2004 has now been completed. This scheme is designed to review each and every member of the academic-related and non-academic staff on an annual basis. In the details of the scheme it is stated that the department valued and aimed to reward those staff who had demonstrated standards of excellence in their particular role above that normally expected for their grade and responsibilities. Two types of award were considered:

  1. Recurrent increments
    • Accelerated in-scale increments
    • Super-scale increments
  2. One-off payments
    • Non-recurrent one-off payments where the work meriting an award was short-term in nature

A brief summary of the results is given below:

Men Women Total
Staff considered 32 21 53
Number of awards 5 6 11
Recurrent increments 5 4 9
One-off payments 0 2 2