What should/can I include as part of my application?

What should/can I include in my application?

Please follow closely the guidance on the Graduate Admissions webpage and in the Graduate Admissions application guide as to how to apply.

  • Do I need to include GMAT or GRE?
    • It is NOT compulsory to include GMAT or GRE as part of your application, but you may do so as part of your supporting materials if you wish.
  • On the Graduate Admissions webpage, it says I must have 3 academic references but it will be difficult for me to obtain 3 academic references/ I would prefer to use a non-academic referee. Can I do so?
    • Please ensure, if at all possible, that all 3 referees are from your university, and at least two of those are in a position to comment on your mathematical aptitude and knowledge.