MSc in Mathematical Finance (part-time)

Aims and Course Structure

Career relevance

The MSc aims to develop students' modelling, mathematical and computational skills in applications to finance. It covers the most important technical and quantitative aspects of finance in regular use in banks and other financial institutions, from basic material to current research. Material on related subjects is included to enable students to make intellectual links between different topics. There is a substantial transfer of technology from applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, computing and corporate finance.

Examination and Assessment

Important Links

Examination Regulations: govern the course and are taken from the overall University Examination Regulations, sometimes referred to as the 'Grey Book', which govern all academic matters within the University.

Departmental Policies and University Regulations

Links to Departmental and University Regulations and Codes

An A to Z of University regulations, codes of conduct and policies is available on the University's website. Particular attention is drawn to the following University and Departmental policies.

Student Resources


Whitehead Library: Based at the Mathematical Institute, the Whitehead Library holds material covering mathematical topics at graduate and research level, including mathematical finance.  It is primarily for the use of the graduate students and academic staff of the Mathematical Institute. The library is kept locked at all times, but on arrival at the department, your University Card will have been activated to open the library door.

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Saturday 17 March 2018: Deadline to apply for suspension/extension requests for Trinity Term 2018

12noon Tuesday 3 April 2018: Deadline to submit Module 2 assignment

12noon Monday 9 April 2018: Deadline to submit Module 7 assignment

12noon Thursday 19 April 2018: Deadline to submit dissertation

17 - 20 April 2018: Module 8

23 - 27 April 2018: Module 3

Finishing the Course

Student Feedback and Representation

Student feedback is sought at the end of each module, via anonymous surveys. This feedback is used to inform future course planning. For further details, contact the Course Administrator.  

The MSc Supervisory Committee discusses issues and make decisions relating specifically to this course; including those relating to teaching, examinations and provisions. We are currently seeking a new student representative. If you are interested, please email Students are welcome to bring issues to the rep or committee's attention at any point.


If you have any further queries please contact the Course Administrator, Sneha Patel, on or 01865 615210.


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