MSc in Mathematical Finance (part-time) - Information for Applicants - FAQs

Attendance requirements

Please see information on the course structure. Because the structure of the course is integral to the learning outcomes, the course is not available through distance learning.

What kind of background do the assessors look for in applicants?  Can I apply even though my degree isn't in maths?

Successful applicants have come from a variety of quantitative undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  Applicants with degrees that are not specifically mathematical will still be expected to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge to perform well on the program.  Applicants should have a good background in probability, statistics, ordinary and partial differential equations, linear algebra and analysis.  If you are able to complete at least two thirds of the admissions exercise without great difficulty, this is an indication that your mathematical background is likely to be suitable.

Please see also the Entry requirements.

I haven't studied maths recently!

The Schaum's Outlines series provides numerous examples, worked and otherwise. The pre-course reading list is currently being updated, but also provides some helpful references.

Example of a past admissions test

Please note that we cannot provide solutions to this paper.

What is the course code?


Application fee

There is an application fee, which covers the administration costs incurred by the Graduate Admissions Office in processing your application. Please see panel 8 of the Graduate Admissions Application Guide for details of the amount and how to pay it. If you are being sponsored by an organisation - for example your employer - which is unable to pay the application fee online, please contact the course administrator.

I am having technical problems uploading my application

Please contact Graduate Admissions.

I have not studied recently, and I will have difficulty providing three academic references

Please see the guidance on references under 'How to apply' on the Graduate Admissions webpage for this course.

English language requirements and eligibility for a waiver of those requirements

Please see English language requirement guidance on the Graduate Admissions webpages. Please note that the granting of waivers is at the discretion of the assessors and eligibility does not guarantee that a waiver will be granted in any particular individual case.


What visa will I require?

Students requiring a visa to visit the UK will need to apply for a Short Term Study Visa. Please note that admission to this MSc does not support an application for a Tier 4 visa.

Further information