Suspension and extension information

The current Mathematical Finance Administrator is Sarah Davidson:

+44 (0)1865 615210

Office: S0.15

Please contact the administrator in the first instance with any queries relating the administrative matters on the course.


Important Deadlines

Dissertation submission dates

There are three deadlines throughout the year for submitting dissertations. These are:

  • 19th April
  • 30th September
  • 17th December

If any of these dates for the corresponding year falls on a weekend, then the deadline for the relevant year will be on the following Monday.


Suspension refers to a period when the enrolment of a student in the University is regarded as having temporarily ceased. The student is not expected to study at all during this period, and supervision and access to university facilities, including online library facilities, will usually be suspended. Fees are not charged for a period of suspension.

Suspension periods

Suspensions are given out in a minimum of one month, to a maximum of twenty four months in total. Up to twelve months may be applied for in a single application, but applications are more likely to be approved if they are for a four month period.

How to apply

Applications for suspension periods should be made in advance of the period in which your dissertation is due to be submitted. Application dates are outlined below.

Application deadline During the period of:
30 August 1 September-31 December
17 November 1 January-30 April
17 March  May-31 August



Extension refers to a period of time in which a student remains enrolled as a student beyond the standard course length (which is seven `active' non-suspended months in total).

Extension periods

Students may extend for a period of no more than five terms in total.  A fee (see Section 2.7 of the course handbook 2018) is charged for extended terms to cover the cost of the extra tuition and/or supervision received and the additional administration resulting from the student remaining enrolled for an extended time.

How to apply

Applications must also be made in advance of the term that your dissertation is due to be submitted and no later than one month before this submission deadline. Relevant dates are outlined below. 


Application deadline During the period of: Dissertation deadline
30 August 

1 September - 31 December (Michaelmas term)

17 December
17 November

1 January - 30 April (Hilary term)

19 April
17 March

1 May - 31 August(Trinity term)

30 September


For upcoming deadlines and useful dates please see the Math Finance homepage.



Completed forms should be returned to the Mathematical Administrator by the relevant deadline (email:


Extensions and suspensions

Please see under 'Graduate Studies forms' on the Graduate Progression Forms webpage for:

  • GSO17 form - application for SUSPENSION
  • GSO17a form - form to be completed immediately prior to RETURN FROM SUSPENSION

Assessment related forms


Guidance documents


Changing from MSc to Diploma Exit Award

You should only change from the MSc to the Diploma Exit Award once you have considered all the alternative options. Remember that, provided you have not already reached the term in which your dissertation is currently due for submission, you can apply to suspend for up to a total of 6 terms AND then to extend for up to a total of 5 terms. If you HAVE already reached the term in which your dissertation is currently due for submission, you can still apply to extend for up to a total of 5 terms. The last opportunity to opt for the Diploma Exit Award is on the day of the deadline for extension applications in the term in which your dissertation is currently due (please see above for such deadlines), so you can wait until you have suspended for 6 terms and extended for almost 5 terms before finally deciding to opt for the Diploma Exit Award.  You may wish to discuss your situation with your supervisor before opting for the Diploma Exit Award. Once you have been awarded the Diploma Exit Award it is not possible to reinstate on the MSc.

To change from the MSc to the Diploma Exit Award, you must complete the transfer form above and email it to

This will be sent to your supervisor and college for approval. Your performance in the exams and 3 Advanced Module assignments will then be considered at the next Examiners' Meeting and, if satisfactory, you will then be awarded the Diploma Exit Award.


Student status

On-course transcript

You will receive, free of charge, on completion of the course, a transcript detailing your results for the entire course. However, if you require a transcript of your results so far, before you have finished the course, please obtain one via the Exam Schools.

Proof that you are a current student of the university

If you require proof that you are currently an enrolled student of the University of Oxford, please obtain an enrolment certificate via Student self-service. You will need to log in to student self-service using your Oxford single sign-on (Nexus) username and password (the username and password associated with your college email address).

Expiry of university card and/or Nexus (single sign-on) account

Shortly before returning from a suspension, you should return a completed GSO17a form (download from Graduate Progression Forms webpage) to  If you have done so, or you are on an extension rather than having suspended, and your university card and/or Nexus (single sign-on) account still has expired or will shortly, please contact your college.

Expiry of maths IT account

If you are a current student, but your Maths Institute account has expired, or will shortly, please email