What are people saying about this course?

"I’m probably the only few people to hail all the way from Singapore to do this, but the unparalleled mix of leading academics and top-practitioners comprising the faculty makes this rewarding pilgrimage something I keenly look forward to each and every time."  Chu-Ming Ng, 2015 starter.

"I applied for MSc. in Mathematical Finance at Oxford because I wanted a structured training programme on mathematical aspects of Quantitative Finance taught by leading experts in the world. No other programme in the country matches the structure or the solid groundwork that the Mathematical Institute at Oxford provides through this course."  Swati Mital, 2015 starter.

The course at Oxford provides a stimulating blend of the traditional material at the heart of the global financial ecosystem and the cutting-edge topics on the very frontier of research. This unique cross-section of the established and the emerging presents students with an excellent springboard from which to launch (or turbo-charge!) their career - whether that be in industry or in academia. The broad syllabus equips students with the skills for a huge range of different career paths within finance, while the freedom associated with the thesis project empowers them to engage deeply with a topic that they find particularly interesting. This mix of breadth and depth provides a challenging and rewarding experience for those keen to embrace the challenge."  Martin Gould, lecturer.

"The Oxford Financial Math group has created an innovative masters program that covers the important topics in mathematical finance. It has found an optimal combination of executive overview and mathematical rigor. The course content goes far beyond classical derivative pricing and covers econometric models of volatility, risk measures, and order book models, among many another topics. Personally, I find it very enriching to teach in this program, thanks to having so many experienced and highly motivated students."  Johannes Ruf, lecturer.

"I have been teaching on the Oxford Math Finance course since 1999. The programme combines uncompromising academic excellence with a healthy sense of reality. The diversity of talents within both the faculty and the student body translates into a wide spectrum of research interests and a spirit of intellectual inquiry. One of my great joys is to discuss a hair-splitting topic or a paradox and elicit that special eureka moment in the audience. The charm of Math Finance stems perhaps from the fact that, while the ethos of finance may be vulgar on occasions, the underlying mathematics are quite subtle."  Jamil Baz, lecturer.

"The MSc in Mathematical Finance is a chance to study the mathematical foundations behind the methods we use in our everyday work and to extend my knowledge about mathematical and quantitative finance."  Achim Heinz, 2017 starter.