Core Module Assignments

Modules 1-4 are assessed formatively, i.e. feedback will be given with an indicative mark in order to assist students in improving their future performance.

For each core module an assignment will be set, with a specific set of questions. Students are given 4 weeks to complete and submit core module assignments.

Marks and feedback will be given at the next module.


Advanced Module Assignments

Assessment for advanced modules is by one assignment per module.

The Examiners reserve the right to change the format of any or all of the advanced module assignments but their usual format for assignments from modules 5, 7 and 8 is in the form of a short essay based on a topic relevant to one of the lectures of that module. For module 6, usually, a set of specfic questions are given. Students are given 6 weeks to complete the advanced module assignments.

Marks and feedback must be considered at an examination board meeting, before being released.

More detailed information on topic, format and submission can be found in the guidance document below, and the Course Handbook.

Advanced Assignment Guidance


Submission of Assignments

Assignments must be submitted online, where students will need to tick a number of declaration statements.

Should there be an issue with the system, the assignment must be emailed immediately to, with the declaration document below.

Module declaration of authorship form (only needed for assignments which, for some exceptional reason, cannot be submitted online)