Part A Specimen Solutions

Please note that the specimen solutions in this archive are provided as an aid to revision.  Students should be aware that course syllabi change over time and therefore the current syllabi may be different to those on which the papers below were set. (The papers are current as of Trinity 2020.) Therefore your revision should not be based solely on these past papers.  

The Department of Statistics has provided specimen solutions to past statistics papers and these can be found on Canvas.

Note: the paper titles and question numbers correspond to the versions of the papers in the past paper archive.

Part A 2020 solutions can be found here.

Part A 2019 solutions can be found under corresponding course sections below. 

Part A 2018 solutions can be found here.

Part A 2016 solutions can be found here.

A0 Linear Algebra

PDF icon A0_solutions 2015.pdf

PDF icon A0_solutions 2016.pdf

PDF icon A0_solutions2019.pdf

A1 Differential Equations I

PDF icon A1_solutions 2015.pdf

PDF icon A1_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A1_solutions2019.pdf

A2 Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis

PDF icon A2_solutions2014.pdf

PDF icon A2_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A2_solutions2019.pdf

A3 Rings and Modules

PDF icon A3_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A3_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A3_solutions2019.pdf

A4 Integration

PDF icon A4_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A4_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A4_solutions2019.pdf

A5 Topology

PDF icon A5_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A5_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A5_solutions2019.pdf

A6 Differential Equations II

PDF icon A6_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A6_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A6_solutions2019.pdf

A7 Numerical Analysis

PDF icon A7_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A7_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A7_solutions2019.pdf

A8 Probability

PDF icon A8_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A8_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A8_solutions2019.pdf

A9 Statistics

PDF icon A9_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A9_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A9_solutions2019.pdf

A10 Fluids and Waves

PDF icon A10_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A10_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A10_solutions2019.pdf

A11 Quantum Theory

PDF icon A11_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A11_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A11_solutions2019.pdf

A12 Simulation and Statistical Programming

PDF icon A12_solutions2015.pdf

PDF icon A12_solutions2016.pdf

PDF icon A12_solutions2019.pdf

ASO Short Otions - Number Theory

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015NT.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016NT.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019NT.pdf

ASO Short Options - Group Theory

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015Groups.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016Groups.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019Groups.pdf

ASO Short Options - Projective Geometry

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015PG.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016PG.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019PG.pdf

ASO Short Options - Introduction to Manifolds

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015ItM.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016ItM.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019ItM.pdf

ASO Short Options - Integral Transforms

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015IT.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016IT.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019IT.pdf

ASO Short Options - Calculus of Variations

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015CoV.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016CoV.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019CoV.pdf

ASO Short Options - Graph Theory

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015Graph.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016Graph.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019Graph.pdf

ASO Short Options - Special Relativity

PDF icon ASO_solutions2015SR.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016SR.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019SR.pdf

ASO Short Options - Mathematical Modelling in Biology

PDF icon ASO_solutions2016MiMB.pdf

PDF icon ASO_solutions2019MiMB.pdf