Information for Supervisors of Undergraduate Projects

Information for Supervisors of Undergraduate Projects

The most obvious source of information for supervisors of undergraduate projects is the Projects Webpage, and in particular, the PDF icon project guidance notes. The latter contain the formal regulations, amongst a wealth of other information. Attention should also be drawn to the document "Teaching the Undergraduate Mathematics Course" which again contains much useful information.  In addition supervisors might look at the reports of the AMS "Promoting Undergraduate Research in Mathematics" program.  These give lots of interesting ideas on project work.  (The pdf files are quite large and take a while to download!)

However there are some points of particular relevance to supervisors.


Students must make initial contact with their supervisor by 15th September. However many students will approach potential supervisors towards the end of the preceding Trinity Term. A proposal must be prepared by the student for approval by the Projects Committee. This must be received by Friday of 0th week of Michaelmas Term. Students make an oral presentation on their project near the end of Hilary Term. Projects have to be submitted by noon on Monday of 10th week of Hilary Term.

Relationship with the College and Department:- 

Project supervision is undertaken as a tutorial responsibility, rather than as a departmental task. Thus all formal arrangements are made between the supervisor and the student's college. This will include such matters as frequency and duration of supervision meetings, rates of pay, and reporting arrangements. The normal expectation is that for a double-unit essay/dissertation there will be 6 hours of supervision over Michaelmas and Hilary terms, with reports and claims for payment being made termly via OxCort. It might for example be agreed that this is paid for at standard one-on-one tutorial rates; or that it is done as part of an exchange arrangement. Whatever is agreed it is important that supervisors report promptly to the college concerned any cases of non-attendance or sub-standard work, just as they would for normal tutorials. In particular it is important to confirm with the college if a student withdraws from the project option.

The Supervisor Log:- 

Supervisors will be asked to complete a log (PDF icon PDF,File Word), showing the meetings they have had, and indicating the amount and type of assistance the student has received.

Project Assessment:- 

Supervisors play a part in the examination assessment for the project, acting as one of the assessors for the project. The project will also be independently examined by another assessor.  If there is disagreement between the supervisor's mark and the assessor's mark, a PDF icon reconciliation process is followed.


    The chairman of the Projects Committee (currently Richard Earl) is happy to be approached with any queries not dealt with above.