Module 1: Mathematical and Technical Prerequisites

8 - 12 January 2018

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  • Probability: Axiomatic approach to probability, random variables, expectation and integration, multidimensional random variables (and independence), conditional expectation, convergence of random variables;
  • PDEs: parabolic partial differential equations, heat equation, link to random walks, similarity solutions, Fourier transform; qualitative properties of solutions, maximum principles, smoothness;
  • Applied Stochastic Calculus: Brownian motion, constructions, non-differentiability, quadratic variation, stochastic integration, construction of Ito integral and properties, the Ito formula, Feynman-Kac formula;
  • Statistics: basic parameter estimation, maximum likelihood estimation, distributions, regression techniques, tests for normality, QQ plots, hypothesis testing, numberical examples in R
  • Binomial trees, discrete martingales: simple random walk, change of measure, one-period and multi-period binomial stock price models, arbitrage-pricing of options on trees;
  • Portfolio theory, utility: expected returns, variance and covariances, benefits of diversification, the opportunity set, efficient frontiers and the Sharpe ratio, utility, risk aversion, and
  • Introduction to Matlab: basics, plotting, implementation of elementary numerical concepts applied to finance.



Assignment due: 12 noon UK time, 12 February 2018

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