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If you would like to apply for one or more of the suggested dissertation topics please use the form below to indicate which topic(s) you are interested in doing. Please rank your choices 1, 2, or 3.

If you would like to apply to undertake a dissertation on a topic of your choosing please complete the section at the end of the form and upload a short abstract and reference list for your proposed dissertation topic. Please discuss the proposed dissertation, the abstract and the reference list with your potential supervisor before submitting this form.

Guidelines for dissertations can be found here.

Abstracts and references for each of the topics listed below can be found in the course handbook.
Axions and the Strong CP Problem [Joseph Conlon]
Topological Defects in Liquid Crystals [Julia Yeomans]
Superfluidity in helium-3 [John Chalker]
The fractional quantum Hall effect [John Chalker]
Equations of state in a strong magnetic field [Peter Norreys]
Gross-Pitaevskii Equations on a Riemannian Manifold [Robert Van Gorder]
Hooke's Atom in Higher Dimensions[Rober Van Gorder]
Fluctuation and Relaxation in Stellar Systems [James Binney]
Dynamics of extrasolar planets [Caroline Terquem]
Instabilities in collisionless astrophysical plasma [Alexander Schekochihin]
Hydrodynamics and MHD turbulence [Alexander Schekochihin]
Solvable models for passive turbulent fields [Alexander Schekochihin]
Langmuir turbulence and modulational instabilities [Alexander Schekochihin]
Nonlinear kinetic stability and phase-space turbulence in plasmas [Alexander Schekochihin]
Stellarator physics [Felix Parra Diaz]
Gyrokinetics [Felix Parra Diaz]
MHD equilibrium and stability in axisymmetric magnetic fields [Michael Barnes and Felix Parra Diaz]
Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics with Action-Reaction Asymmetry [Ramin Golestanian]
Motility-induced Phase Separation of Spinners [Ramin Golestanian]
Sloppy Systems [Ard Louis]
Survival of the Flattest or Arrival of the Frequent? [Ard Louis]
Black hole entropy in string theory and holography [Andrei Starinets]
Hawking radiation of black holes [Andrei Starinets]
Quasinormal modes of black holes and black branes [Andrei Starinets]
Supersymmetric quantum mechanics [James Sparks]
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