Grant Applications

A detailed list of funding opportunities is circulated each week by the Research Facilitator. Details about Calls for Proposals are elsewhere.

Applications to EPSRC

Applications to EPSRC should contain the following documents:

  • A. A case for support, in two parts (no more than 8 sides of A4 in total)
    • Part one (up to 2 sides of A4)
      • Previous research track record of the investigators
    • Part two (no longer than 6 pages)
      • Description of the proposed research and context
      • Programme and methodology
      • Relevance to beneficiaries
      • Plans for dissemination and exploitation of the results
      • A statement about the timeliness and novelty of the research.
  • B. A diagrammatic workplan (up to 1 side of A4)
  • C. A justification of the resources requested (up to 1 side of A4)
  • D. A Curriculum Vitae for all named staff or visiting researchers (must not exceed 2 sides of A4 each).
  • E. Letters of support from any project partners (no page limit).
  • F. Quotes for equipment items costing over £25,000 (no page limit).
  • Here is a latex template (including instructions) for a case for support and here is an example xfig workplan.
  • All applications must be submitted via the JeS online portal.

Responsive mode applications

Applications to EPSRC's responsive mode can be submitted at any time during the year. The application process (from submission to decision) can take up to 5 months. Once the decision has been made, there is then a short delay before the grant can start.

EPSRC responsive mode applications can include funds for: Postdoctoral Researchers, Students (including stipend, University and College fees), travel and subsistence for conference attendance, meetings and for any named visiting fellows, computing equipment and software. EPSRC will not provide funds for items not specifically used by the project, and have recently not granted us monies for printers and books.

Overseas Travel Grants

These are small proposals (under £20k) requesting funds for travel and subsistence only, to enable a researcher to visit recognised research centres abroad to study new techniques or to develop collaborations. If the proposal comes in under £10k, the mathematics programme operates a fast turn round (normally within 12 weeks).

What happens after the application?

The application is checked at EPSRC to ensure it conforms to the guidelines for length and content. It is then sent out to referees (including at least one recommended by the Investigator(s)). The referees assess the proposal, commenting on the science AND the management, resources, timeliness and the dissemination strategy. The referees reports are sent back to the investigators, who are allowed to send a one page response back. Proposals without good referees reports are binned at this stage. If the reports are sufficiently good, the proposal will be passed to a panel. At the panel meeting, the proposal is discussed and placed into an ordered list. EPSRC then starts funding from the top of the list.

Applications to other funding bodies

Please see the research facilitator if you wish to have support for applications to other funding bodies. In due course, their details will appear on this page.

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