InFoMM Project Day

Project Day 2018

Date: Friday, 16 February 2018

Location: Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Project day takes place in mid-February every year. The aim of the day is to present all the mini-project and research project options in order that students can have all relevant information to make their priority list of projects. Each project will be presented by one or all of the project supervisory team, each group of presentations will be followed by around 30 minutes for individual discussion between students and the team.


The day ends with The Reddick Lecture. For more information on this year and previous years' talks please CLICK HERE.


Previous Reddick Lecture Speakers:

2018: Lincoln Wallen; Effective Mathematics: a disruptive technology in the era of the cloud.

2017: Tom Hebbert; Data science: The secret to unlocking operational performance within the UK’s largest retail supply chain. 

2016: Steve Daum; Petroleum Industry Challenges - where maths makes a difference.

2015: Sir John Beddington; Providing Scientific Advice to Government.