The multiphysics of prion-like diseases: progression and atrophy


Weickenmeier, J
Kuhl, E
Goriely, A

Publication Date: 

12 October 2018


Physical Review Letters

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Many neurodegenerative diseases are related to the propagation and
accumulation of toxic proteins throughout the brain. The lesions created by
aggregates of these toxic proteins further lead to cell death and accelerated
tissue atrophy. A striking feature of some of these diseases is their
characteristic pattern and evolution, leading to well-codified disease stages
visible to neuropathology and associated with various cognitive deficits and
pathologies. Here, we simulate the anisotropic propagation and accumulation of
toxic proteins in full brain geometry. We show that the same model with
different initial seeding zones reproduces the characteristic evolution of
different prion-like diseases. We also recover the expected evolution of the
total toxic protein load. Finally, we couple our transport model to a
mechanical atrophy model to obtain the typical degeneration patterns found in
neurodegenerative diseases.

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Journal Article