Decoding Attachments to Emails and other Compressed/Encoded File Formats

A graphical tool file that can pack and unpack various archive formats is called file-roller.

Tarred and Gzipped


To gzip a file called foo you use the gzip command as follows

gzip foo

This will produce a file foo.gz. You can specify the compression level with an extra option, for maximum compression use

gzip -9 foo

To unzip a gzipped file use the command gunzip, e.g.

gunzip foo.gz

or use gzip -d

Backup Schedules

Backups are run on the departmental server systems each night. Those backups are generally further backed up to an off site location.

The local scratch partition on Linux desktops is set to backup once per week on a Thursday night. Given the large number of such machines backing up if a backup fails it may not be investigated unless the problem occurs for a number of weeks.

The central scratch is not backed up!

Remote Text Logins

SSH key fingerprints for

  • SSH2 RSA host key for - OpenSSH reports a key fingerprint ac:d1:0f:80:91:14:9d:76:a5:85:4d:86:00:dd:d3:7b
  • SSH2 DSA host key for - OpenSSH reports a key fingerprint 98:8e:47:1a:47:28:43:1a:72:8a:33:ba:9e:72:28:e2

Using ssh

The Mathematical Institute has the facility for supporting ssh connections both into the maths domain and out of the maths domain to other hosts on the internet which support ssh.

Tunelling RDP using SSH for Mac OSX

What is an tunnel?

A tunnel is a way of forwarding many channels of information through a single channel. 

One analogy is the Channel Tunnel.  In Calais, cars, vans and lorries are all destined for the UK. They all drive on to the train, although they do not know what route the train takes.  At the other end of the tunnel in Folkestone, they disembark and continue on their journey.

Connecting to the Institute's VPN

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It allows computers connected to the internet to act as if they were connected to a private local area network, for example, if you were in Australia and started a VPN connection to the Maths Institutes VPN server, your machine would be able to access all the services just the same as you would inside the Institute using the Wireless or Wired network.


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