Connecting to the Institute's VPN

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It allows computers connected to the internet to act as if they were connected to a private local area network, for example, if you were in Australia and started a VPN connection to the Maths Institutes VPN server, your machine would be able to access all the services just the same as you would inside the Institute using the Wireless or Wired network.

Remote Access to Microsoft Windows Applications from the Linux Desktop

The department has a Windows Terminal Server which you can connect to from the Linux desktop machine to run Windows applications (e.g. MS Word). To make a connection you can use remmina or grdesktop. With the default desktop setup there is an icon to launch remmina in the top panel. Both remmina (labelled Remmina Remote Desktop Client) and grdesktop (labelled Remotedesktop Client) are also available from the Applications -> Internet menu or can be run from the command line in a terminal window.

Remote Access to Linux X windows applications

The easiest way to get a remote X windows session is to use the Remote Access Portal. The portal provides a simple link that automatically sets up the necessary connection and runs an appropriately configured nxclient session for you.


Below are further details should you wish to have more control over the remote connection setup.


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