Mathematics enables faster computer simulations of biology

Numerous processes across both the physical and biological sciences are driven by diffusion, for example transport of proteins within living cells, and some drug delivery mechanisms. Diffusion is an unguided process which is of great importance at small spatial scales.

InFoMM CDT Funding

The InFoMM CDT has 12 fully-funded studentships for October 2017 start (applications will open in September), covering all fees and providing a maintenance grant to support living expenses for the four years. Of these, up to four studentships will be available to applicants regardless of nationality. The remaining studentships are restricted to UK/EU nationals. We will automatically assign students to funding and no separate application for funding is required.

Typical Timetable

You can find lecture lists online - Maths & Philosophy and Maths & Computer Science students will attend some of these lectures, but will also have lectures outside of these times.

Tutorials are arranged with your college tutors. You will be asked to hand in work before the tutorial, which will be your answers to problem sheets (which are based on the material you learn in lectures). 

Trinity Term

Groups and Group Actions - M&P, M&CS

Continuation of the course from Hilary Term.

Analysis III - Integration - M&P, M&CS

In these lectures we define the Riemann integral and study its properties; prove the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. This gives us the tools to justify term-by-term differentiation of power series and deduce the elementary properties of the trigonometric functions.

Hilary Term

Linear Algebra II - M&P, M&CS

This course is an introduction to determinants, linear transformations, eigenvectors and eigenvalues and the spectral theorem for real symmetric matrices. It covers both theory and applications of diagonalizability amd brings in the geometrical importance of an orthogonal change of variable.

Groups and Group Actions - M&P, M&CS

Your first year

Terms at Oxford are short (8 weeks) and for most weeks of the first year you'll have 10 hours of lectures a week in term-time, running from 9-11 in the Mathematical Institute (Maths & Philosophy and Maths & Computer Science students will also have some lectures in the University Examination Schools or in the

Michaelmas Term

Introductory courses (Introduction to University Level Mathematics and Introduction to Complex Numbers) - M&P, M&CS

The purpose of these introductory lectures is to establish some of the basic language and notation of university mathematics, and to introduce elements of (naive) set theory and the nature of formal proof.

Linear Algebra I - M&P, M&CS


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