Problems starting Firefox or Thunderbird

Firefox/Thunderbird "already running, but is not responding"

Firefox and Thunderbird create lock files when they start to ensure if you run them twice you do not corrupt your settings. If the application exits unexpectedly, then the lock files remain in place and you get this warning. Restarting the machine will have no effect and is generally not a good first step as you could cause hardware damage or loss of work for others.

RSS Feeds

The Maths Institute website provides RSS feeds for the most important listings. The listings usually will have a RSS icon at the bottom, which links to the RSS feed. You should usually be able to just add the corresponding URL to your reader and it will automatically pull in the feed.

Some URLs which provide RSS feeds are:

OpenVPN Configuration

If you are using Windows then you probably would want to download the precompiled OpenVPN package available here. If not, then you first need to install OpenVPN on your machine. Most Linux distributions include that package already. On Ubuntu/Debian e.g. you would need to run


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