Spotlight on Women Mathematicians at Oxford

Women in the Mathematical Institute since 1964

Current Women Mathematicians at Oxford

Academic Faculty

  • Dr Ruth Baker Research interests: Developing and using mathematical and computational techniques for the study of biological systems. In particular, applications to developmental biology, cell migration, domain growth and pattern formation. 
  • Professor Helen Byrne Research interests: The development and analysis of mathematical models of biomedical systems, with particular emphasis on solid tumour growth, regenerative medicine and stem cell biology.
  • Dr Coralia Cartis Research interests: Algorithm design, analysis and implementation for linear and nonlinear optimization, convex and nonconvex problems, large-scale.
  • Professor Cornelia Drutu Research interests: Group theory, ergodic theory, applications to number theory.
  • Dr Janet Dyson Research interests: Analysis and differential equations, including cell population problems, cell adhesion, tumour invasion, non-linear evolution operators and functional differential equations.
  • Dr Karin Erdmann Research interests: Representation theory, homological algebra: Hochschild cohomology, support varieties and rank varieties for self-injective algebras, Auslander-Reiten theory and modular Lie powers.
  • Professor Alison Etheridge Research interests: Probability and its interface with analysis, including infinite dimensional stochastic processes and their applications, and mathematical problems arising in population genetics and ecology.
  • Dr Kathryn Gillow Research interests: Numerical methods for problems arising in biology and electrochemistry, in particular adaptive finite element methods, high order methods and methods for inverse problems.
  • Professor Anne Henke Research interests: Representation theory.
  • Professor Frances Kirwan Research interests: Algebraic and symplectic geometry, in particular geometric invariant theory and the study of moduli spaces.
  • Dr Irene Moroz Research interests: Wavelets, voice morphing in music, marine plankton ecologies, dynamical systems and bifurcation theory, numerical weather prediction and climate modelling, baroclinic flows and modelling of planetary atmospheres and dynamo theory.
  • Dr Jackie Stedall Research interests: English mathematics of the 16th to 18th centuries and development of algebra.
  • Professor Ulrike Tillmann Research interests: Algebraic topology and its applications: moduli spaces of manifolds; mapping class groups; cohomology of groups; topological field theories; and operads.
  • Dr Qian Wang Research interests: Partial differential equations and harmonicanalysis with a focus on the study of nonlinear hyperbolic equations.
  • Dr Sarah Waters Research interests: Physiological fluid mechanics, tissue engineering, biomechanics and mathematical modelling in medicine and biology.
  • Dr Xenia de la Ossa Research interests: Mathematical physics, geometry and theoretical physics, specifically in the mathematical structures arising in string theory.


Research Fellows

  • Dr Jennifer Balakrishnan Research interests: Number theory, arithmetic geometry, and computation.
  • Dr Laura Caravenna Research interests: Mathematical analysis.
  • Dr Montserrat Casals-Ruiz Research interestsCombinatorial and geometric group theory and its interplay with model theory.
  • Dr Heather Harrington Research interests: Applied mathematics, computational and systems biology, inverse problems, computational/numerical algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics applied to dynamical systems, information processing in biological systems.
  • Dr Lotte Hollands Research interests: String theory and mathematical physics.
  • Dr Aditi Kar Research interests: Geometric group theory, high-dimensional topology and combinatorial group theory.
  • Dr Hyejin Youn Research interests: Complex networks, statistical physics.

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

  • Dr Susama Agarwala Research interests: Mathematical Physics.
  • Dr Virginia Agostiniani Research interests: Mathematics of solid and liquid crystals.
  • Dr Agnese Bissi Research interests: Mathematical Physics.
  • Dr Almut Eisentraeger Research interests: Numerical methods for the analysis of biomedical and engineering problems.
  • Dr Laura Kimpton Research interests: Modelling cell motility.
  • Dr Magdalena Larfors Research interests: Mathematical and phenomenological aspects of string compactifications.
  • Dr Joana Oliveira dos Santos Research interests: Symplectic geometry, Aubry-Mather theory and weak KAM theory.
  • Dr Jennifer Pestana Research interests: Numerical linear algebra, in particular, preconditioners and iterative methods for linear systems with saddle point or nonsymmetric coefficient matrices.

Affiliated Researchers

  • Dr Maria Bruna Research interests: Stochastic modelling of interacting particle systems. 
  • Dr Vicky Henderson Research interests: optimal stopping and optimal control problems, with applications to real options, executive stock options, and recently, behavioural finance.

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