Marcus' Marvellous Mathemagicians

Who are Marcus' Marvellous Mathemagicians?

Marcus' Marvellous Mathemagicians (M^3) is a group of current maths students, junior research fellows and PDRA's at the University of Oxford, championed by Professor Marcus du Sautoy, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was fun learning how maths can help you win monopoly! - Participant, Maths of Games Workshop

What do they do?

Communicate maths!

The M^3 run workshops and activities and give talks about maths to a wide range of audiences. Previous events have included fun workshops for school children aged 5 -17, interactive lectures for adults, combining maths and art at the Radical Nature Exhibit at the Barbican and entertaining the crowds at the Royal Berkshire Show in Newbury.

The M^3 run activities designed by Professor Marcus du Sautoy but also create their own workshops for specialist audiences.

When are they available?

Most M^3 leave Oxford for home at the end of each term so they are usually available during term time. You can find Oxford’s term dates here:

As most of the M^3 are undergraduate students who only know their academic commitments for each term at the first week of the term, we will only be able to confirm their workshop schedule after the second week of each term. There is usually less availability during the summer term due to exams taking place.

We generally need a minimum of one month notice to arrange a visit.

The above information serves as guidance only so please do not hesitate to contact us if your event happens outside the academic terms.

What is the cost?

There is currently no charge for delivering the activities. However, we do ask that you cover the M^3’ expenses for travel, meals, accommodation if applicable, as well as the cost of consumable resources required for each activity. We ask that expenses incurred by mathemagicians in order to get to the activity venue be reimbursed on the day of each activity. 

How do I book them?

You can book the M^3 by filling in this form. Please put down as much information as you can in the Additional Info box.