Oxford University Final Honours Schools 2007

Mathematics & Statistics Part B

Late Submission of or Failure to Submit Coursework

The formal procedures determining the conduct of examinations are established and enforced by the University Proctors. For the Mathematical Institute such examination conventions are set out in the course handbook and in additional supplements. These conventions are a guide to the examiners and candidates but the regulations set out in the Examination Regulations have precedence. The examiners are nominated by the Nominating Committee in the Mathematical Institute and those nominations are submitted for approval by the Vice-Chancellor and the Proctors. Formally, examiners are independent of the Department and of those who lecture courses. However, for written papers in Mathematics, examiners are expected to consult with course lecturers in the process of setting questions.

The paragraphs below give an indication of the conventions to which the examiners usually adhere, subject to the guidance of the appointed external examiners, and other bodies such as the Teaching Committee in the Mathematical Institute, the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, the EPSC and the Proctors who may offer advice or make recommendations to examiners. It must be stressed that to preserve the independence of the examiners, candidates are not allowed to make contact directly about matters relating to the content or marking of papers. Any communication must be via the Senior Tutor of your college, who will, if he or she deems the matter of importance, contact the Proctors. The Proctors in turn communicate with the Chairman of Examiners.

The Examination Regulations stipulate specific dates for submission of the required pieces of coursework to the Examiners, (Maple Project, OE Other Mathematical Extended Essay, BE Mathematical Extended Essay, N1 Undergraduate Ambassadors coursework, Dissertation for Part C, Mini Project for C7.3 Advanced Quantum Mechanics). Rules governing late submission and any consequent penalties are set out in the `Late submission of work' sub-section of the `Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations' section of the Examination Regulations 2006, 2005 & 2004, respectively on pages 45, 44 & 44) (for the 2003 Regulations the relevant entry is under `Late Entries', para 9 on page 1059).

Normally the relevant Examination Regulations for a particular candidate are those in force at the time the candidate embarked on his/her FHS. However in the specific case of the abovementioned regulations on late submission of work the Proctors and the EPSC have stipulated that the 2006 regulation shall apply to all work submitted for examination from 1st October 2006 onwards including that by candidates who are otherwise governed by earlier issues of Examination Regulations. [The 2006 Regulation omits the most severe automatic penalty for late submission specified in the earlier regulations.]

Under the provisions permitted by the 2006 regulation, late submission of coursework for Mathematics examinations will normally result in the following penalties:

  1. With permission from the Proctors under clause (1) of para 16.8, page 45, no penalty.
  2. With permission from the Proctors under clauses (3) + (4) of para 16.8, a penalty of a reduction in the mark for the coursework in question of at least 5 USMs (or at least 5% of the maximum mark available for the piece of work); the exact penalty to be set by the Examiners with due consideration to the advice given in the document `Academic Penalties for Late Submission of a thesis or other exercise: Proctors Notes for Guidance', dated 1/11/06.
  3. Where the candidate is not permitted by the Proctors to remain in the examination he or she will be deemed to have failed the examination as a whole.

Where no work is submitted or it is proffered so late that it would be impractical to accept it for assessment the Proctors may, under their general authority, and after (i) making due enquiries into the circumstances and (ii) consultation with the Chairman of the Examiners, permit the candidate to remain in the examination. In this case the Examiners will award a mark of zero for the piece of coursework in question.

Andrew Fowler
Chairman of Examiners
Mathematical Institute
January 2007