Professor Balazs Szendroi

Dr Balazs Szendroi

Professor Balazs Szendroi

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Reception: +44 1865 273525
Direct: +44 1865 273570

Office: N2.09

Departmental Address:

Mathematical Institute
University of Oxford
Andrew Wiles Building
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
Woodstock Road
United Kingdom

Research Interests: 

Algebraic geometry, especially invariants and moduli of sheaves on Calabi-Yau varieties. Variants of Donaldson-Thomas theory. Geometry of string theory, especially mirror symmetry.

Prizes, Awards and Scholarships: 

Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship, 2013

Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, 2012

Major/Recent Publications: 

K. Behrend, J. Bryan and B. Szendroi, Motivic degree zero Donaldson-Thomas invariants, Inv. Math. 192 (2013) 111-160.

B. Szendroi, Nekrasov's partition function and refined Donaldson--Thomas theory: the rank one case, SIGMA (2012) 088, 16pp.

A. Morrison, S. Mozgovoy, K. Nagao and B. Szendroi, Motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of the conifold and the refined topological vertex, Adv. Math. 230 (2012) 2065-2093.

I. Qureshi and B. Szendroi, Constructing projective varieties in weighted flag varieties, Bull. Lon. Math. Soc. 43 (2011) 786-798.

A. Dimca and B. Szendroi, The Milnor fibre of the Pfaffian and the Hilbert scheme of four points on C3 , Math. Res. Lett. 16 (2009) 1037-1055.

B. Szendroi, Non-commutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants and the conifold, Geometry and Topology 12 (2008) 1171-1202.