Research Excellence Framework

This page contains information and news for Department members regarding the next REF.  


REF Survey - collection of contextual information in advance of next REF submission 

We are collecting contextual data for the next REF, anticipated for 2021.

We are asking all academic faculty and research fellows to complete this short online survey. We first asked people to complete it in 2015, and will write again approximately annually (until 2020) to ask staff to provide updates.

To complete the survey for the first time go to

Once you have ‘saved’ the survey you may later access it via (in the menu ‘Content Type’ choose ‘REF2020 Submission’, click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘edit’ on the entry which is listed).

The survey covers the period since 1 January 2014. If you have arrived in Oxford since 1 Jan 2014 please note if any of the achievements which you list occurred elsewhere. (Whilst the format of REF 2021 is not yet clear it seems that there will be less emphasis on 'portability' than in REF 2014, so we may need to distinguish achievements made here from those made elsewhere.)

**Please complete with any updates by 1 Feb 2017.**


By surveying researchers now we hope to avoid having to collect this information all at once immediately prior to the next REF submission. Whilst the precise form of submissions to the next REF is still under consultation (see,111700,en.html), it is likely that we will be required to provide the same kinds of contextual information as we did in the Environment and Impact Templates in 2014.

Where possible data will be collected from standard data sources held within the Department/University. This survey is confined to information which is not (comprehensively) held elsewhere. We hope and anticipate that you should be able to answer the relatively small number of questions quickly and mostly from memory (without having to refer extensively to further sources of information).



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