InFoMM Academic Team

The InFoMM Academic Team is made up of Faculty and Researchers of the Mathematical Institute who can supervise, or have supervised, InFoMM research and mini-projects. You can find out some of their research areas below.

Ruth Baker: Computational models, stochastic modelling of reaction-diffusion processes, testing of cell biology models using Bayesian and quantitative approaches

Chris Breward: Fluid mechanics, surfactants, modelling biological and industrial systems

Maria Bruna: Stochastic modelling of interacting particle systems, stochastic simulation algorithms, modelling of biological and ecological systems

Helen Byrne: Mathematical and computational models of biomedical systems, with application to tumours, wound healing, and tissue engineering

Álvaro Cartea: High-frequency and algorithmic trading, mathematical finance, financial economics, asset pricing, energy markets

Coralia Cartis: Algorithms for diverse classes of optimisation problems, inverse problems data assimilation, compressed sensing

Jon Chapman:  Modelling, asymptotics, and differential equations for fluid and solid mechanics

Radu Cimpeanu: Fluid dynamics, interfacial flows, electrohydrodynamics, drop impact, computational acoustics, operational research

Samuel Cohen: Mathematical and probabilistic modelling, risk management, stochastic optimal control, game theory, statistical estimation and uncertainty, machine learning

Vasillios Dallas: Turbulence in fluids, MHD and viscoelastic fluids, geophysical and astrophysical dynamos, vortices and waves, self-organisation and statistical mechanics in fluids

Paul Dellar: Lattice Boltzmann, magneto hydrodynamics, scientific computing, kinetic theory

Jeff Dewynne: Free boundary problems, financial derivatives

Radek Erban: Molecular dynamics, swarm robotics, biophysics, collective behaviour, numerical methods, stochastic processes

Chris Farmer: Inverse problems and uncertainty, wave propagation, flow through porous media

Patrick Farrell: Fast solvers for PDEs, PDE-constrained optimisation, bifurcation analysis

Jaroslav Fowkes: Revenue management, Bayesian optimization, surrogate global optimization, statistical pattern mining

Andrew Fowler: Environmental, geophysical and medical problems, dynamical systems

Eamonn Gaffney: Modelling for Pharma, mathematical and computational biology, physiological and cellular fluid dynamics. 

Mike Giles: Stochastic models, methods and numerical analysis, HPC

Kathryn Gillow: Numerical methods for biological and electrochemical problems, inverse problems

Alain Goriely: Solid mechanics, morphogenesis, growth, dynamical systems

Ian Griffiths: Viscous flows, particle-laden flows, surfactant systems

Pete Grindrod: Evolving networks, data analytics, smart meters, complex systems

Stephen Haben: Forecasting, clustering methods, statistical inference, data assimilation, human behaviour, Bayesian statistics, linear algebra, optimization algorithms

Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali: Uncertainty quantification, stochastic differential equation, numerical methods for SDEs and PDEs, multilevel Monte Carlo, particle systems, crowd modelling

Ben Hambly: Probability, stochastic processes, fractals, mathematical finance

Heather Harrington: Algebraic systems biology, topological data analysis, complexity science

Raphael Hauser: Convex optimisation, probabilistic analysis of algorithms, mathematical finance

Ian Hewitt: Modelling, continuum mechanics, porous media flows, geoscience

Peter Howell: Modelling, asymptotics and differential equations for fluid and solid mechanics

David Howey: Electrical engineering and modelling of energy storage systems

Sam Howison: Mathematical finance, fluid mechanics, superconductivity, industrial problems

Yakov Kremnitzer: Geometric representation theory, symmetries formalized by algebraic structures, quantum mechanics, and applications of integrated information theory

Renaud Lambiotte: Complex systems, dynamics on networks, networks science, graph mining

Gunnar Martinsson: Matrix computations, large scale problems, algorithms designed for GPU , data mining, fast solvers for elliptic PDEs, boundary integral equations, CFD

Andrew Mellor: Temporal networks, social networks, complexity science, visualising networks and dynamics on networks

Sourav Mondal: Transport phenomena, flow through porous media, CFD simulations of mass transport, molecular simulation of self-assembled systems, microfluidic transport

Charles Monroe: Discovery, design, characterisation, and modelling of electrochemical energy storage systems

Matthew Moore: Fluid dynamics, perturbation methods, matched asymptotics, complex analysis, particularly singular integral equations and Riemann-Hilbert problems

Irene Moroz: Geophysical fluids, wavelets, dynamical systems, time series, data assimilation, plankton modelling

Derek Moulton: Biomechanics, continuum modelling, growth, elasticity

Andreas Muench: Nano and microfluidics, capillary interfaces, asymptotics, scientific computing, suspensions, phase field models

Harald Oberhauser: Modelling systems that evolve under the influence of randomness, machine learning and stochastic analysis, time series, text, streams etc

John Ockendon: Differential equations, asymptotics, applications

Neave O'Clery: Graph theory/network structure and dynamics, network models and data science for government, urban systems, economic diversification and knowledge flow

Doireann O'Kiely: Free boundary problems, viscous flow, asymptotic methods, buckling and wrinkling phenomena, elasticity and capillarity

Jim Oliver: Free boundary problems in fluid dynamics, splashing and jet impact, biomechanics

Colin Please: Fluid mechanics, electrochemistry, continuum models

Galina Printsypar: Flow in porous media, dynamic effects in capillarity, filtration efficiency, membranes for forward osmosis, coupling micro and macroscale filtration simulations, CFD

Christoph Reisinger: Numerical analysis of PDEs and SPDEs, Bayesian parameter estimation, computational finance, stochastic control

Oliver Riordan: Random graphs, phase transitions, percolation in random environments

Ricardo Ruiz Baier: Biomechanics, multiphase flow in porous media, sedimentation-consolidation phenomena, mixed finite element methods

Alex Scott: Combinatorics, probability, algorithms

Endre Suli: Numerical analysis of nonlinear PDEs especially in fluid and solid mechanics

Jared Tanner: Mathematics of information, compressed sensing, matrix completion, topological data analysis, inverse problems, and data analysis generally

Andrew Thompson: Compressive signal processing, sparse inverse problems and high-dimensional data analysis

Ulrike Tillmann: Algebraic Topology and its applications, recent interest includes applications of topology to data analysis

Nick Trefethen: Numerical linear algebra, approximation theory including Chebfun and spectral methods

Ben Turney: Academic consultant urological surgeon: specialising in aetiology, treatment and prevention of kidney stones

Robert Van Gorder: Approximation methods, PDEs, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves

Dominic Vella: Surface tension, thin elastic objects, flow in porous media

Sarah Waters: Mathematical medicine and biology, biofluids biomechanics, tissue engineering

Andy Wathen: Numerical linear algebra, preconditioners, PDE constrained optimisation

Jonathan Whiteley​: Mathematical modelling and scientific computing related to multiscale, multiphysics problems arising in physiology and biology