PDE CDT Student Seminars

Students give these talks to their peers to share active and interesting research and to develop their presentation skills. Below is a timetable of talks to be held this term.

5pm Tuesday 10 October 2017 in L4

Syafiq Johar: "Cotton tensors and Ricci flow".

5pm Tuesday 17 October 2017 in L4

Andy Allan: "Risk measures and nonlinear expectations".

5pm Tuesday 24 October 2017 in L4

Matthew Schrecker: TBC

5pm Tuesday 31 October 2017 in L4

Bogdan Raita: "A-weakly differentiable functions",

Andreas Sojmark: "Finance as a parabolic PDE".

5pm Tuesday 7 November 2017 in L4

Simon Schulz: "Liouville type theorems for fluid equations".

5pm Tuesday 14 November 2017 in L4

Markus Schmidtchen: "Convergence of a splitting scheme for a reaction-diffusion system of two species".

5pm Tuesday 21 November 2017 in L4

Francesco Dellaporta: TBC.

5pm Tuesday 28 November 2017 in L4

Luca Alasio: "Nonlinear diffusion",

Michel Hardman: "Gyrokinetic equations".