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Upcoming Courses - April to June 2018

There is the usual course in Analysis of PDEs focusing on Hyperbolic PDEs by Profs Chen and Wang and reading courses in the other 4 core themes of  Nonlinear Analysis, Scientific Computing & Numerical Analysis, Stochatic Analysis & PDEs and Gemetric Analysis & PDEs. There will also be 2 mini-courses, the first is a 6-hour mini-course on Gaussian Measures in Analysis and Probability by Prof Elton Hsu (Northwestern) Friday 27 April to Wednesday 2 May. The second is a 4-hour mini-course on The Monge-Ampere Equation by Dr Connor Mooney (ETH Zurich) Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 May.

PDE CDT Schedule (version 2) April to June 2018

Problem sheet hand in for Analysis of PDEs is 11am Mondays 7 May, 21 May, 4 June and 18 June.

All graduate students, post-docs and faculty are welcome to come to the mini-courses. If you aren't a member of the CDT please just email to confirm you will be attending.

Student Seminars

Students give these talks to their peers to develop their skills.

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