It All Adds Up 2018 Booking Form: Years 9-11

It All Adds Up is a Maths conference for girls in Years 9-11. Please complete this form including the details of all the girls who will be attending - note that we cannot accept bookings submitted without student names. On the day we will also require the students to give their date of birth and home postcode for our records - please inform them of this.

Please note that we can only accept 12 students per school in the first instance, but you are able to complete a second form if you would like additional students to be placed on the waiting list. Should we have space we will confirm these by email around mid-December. Groups with more than 12 students will need to be accompanied by at least 2 adults as it may be necessary  to split the group up at some points in the day.

School Details
Please fill out the details of your school.
Student Details
Please provide the details of all the students who will be attending. On the day we will ask for the students' dates of birth and home postcodes to enable us to measure the success of our events.
Please enter any other comments relevant to this booking.
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