Cubic Surfaces

We have a large collection of models of cubic surfaces ("cubics"). A cubic algebraic surface has degree three (it is defined by a polynomial equation with highest exponent three). Our models demonstrate different classifications of cubics, as categorised by Carl Rodenberg. Arguably the crowning glory of our collection, model VII 1 represents the Clebsch diagonal surface, which we shall investigate in detail. Cubic surfaces have inspired art and sculptures. For example, see this paper for a huge model of a Clebsch diagonal surface [1]. We have three ruled cubic surfaces which exhibit the class of cubics with infinitely many lines and singularities, but are of individual interest too. To complement the models of singularity configurations, we have models of Hessian surfaces for some cubics.



[1] Rainer Kaenders, Die Diagonalfläche aus Keramik,…

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