20th Galway Topology Colloquium

The Galway Topology Colloquium was created in 1997 in Galway with the intention of encouraging graduate students studying Analytic and Set Theoretic Topology to present their findings to a professional, supportive, and inquisitive audience. It is also the established annual arena to bring together British and Irish analytic and set-theoretic topologists to collaborate on their research. Its particular focus is on the active participation of all who attend to promote a spirit of training, learning and communicating. The atmosphere is informal and graduate students are especially encouraged to participate.

This year the colloquium will be held in the Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building at the University of Oxford, from the 11th to the 13th of September 2017.

A form for registration will be added shortly.


We have reserved about 20 rooms at the William Miller Building at St Edmund Hall for £45 per night. Please contact Susan McCarthy for booking these.

We expect to start at around 11.30am on Monday 11th September with and coffee beforehand, and finish on Wednesday 13th September in the early afternoon. For those of you who would like to arrive on Sunday 10th September, please mentions this when booking. We will have an informal dinner on Sunday night in one of the many Oxford restaurants.


We encourage all participants to give a talk at the Colloquium. These talks do not have to be about (recent) original research, but may also be of expository nature, explaining an area of Topology you think everyone should know about. Soon, you will be able to submit your proposed talk and abstract via the Topology Atlas.

A typical talk will be 25 minutes long, with some questions afterwards. There is flexibility, so please contact us if you need more time. Both whiteboard and a computer projector are available (and can be used in parallel to a certain extent). In preparing your talk, please remember that first year PhD students will be in the audience as well as more senior members working in a very different area of Topology.

We especially invite talks seeking active collaboration an an easily accessible topic with a variety of open questions. If you think you would like to give such a talk - which we will expect to be 60 minutes or more - please contact us directly to discuss the details.


For any further questions, please contact us.