It All Adds Up: Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences

It All Adds Up

In 2015, the London Mathematical Society's annual Women in Maths day was expanded to four days, as part of the LMS 150th Anniversary celebrations, with two days for school students and two days for university mathematicians and mathematical scientists.


Below is a film by Mareli Augustyn.  There are also albums of Jennifer Balakrishnan's photos:





Here is the photo collage created by participants to show the present and future of women in mathematics in the UK.

Photo of It All Adds Up collage


The conference has been featured on Plus, an online maths magazine.

Christl Donnelly, who gave the Florence Nightingale Lecture, has prepared a version of her slides which you can find here. 
PDF icon ChristlDonnelly - Florence Nightingale lecture - 16 April 2015.pdf
Caroline Series has also provided the slides from her plenary lecture.  Caroline_series_slides.pdf

School mathematicians

The first day, Tuesday 14th April, was for for mathematically inclined girls in Years 9, 10 and 11, while the second day, Wednesday 15th April, was for girls in Years 12 and 13 who are studying A-level Further Mathematics or equivalent.  Each day featured inspiring talks by female mathematicians and workshops in which the students tackled stimulating mathematics themselves, and the students had opportunities to chat to undergraduates and others about mathematical possibilities beyond school level.

University mathematicians

Thursday 16th April - Friday 17th April was for mathematicians and mathematical scientists at all stages of their careers (undergraduate to professor).  There was a mix of lectures by invited speakers, panel discussions on a range of topics, contributed talks by early career researchers, and posters.  Participants had plenty of opportunities to meet other mathematicians, including at the conference dinner on the evening of Thursday 16th April.  For more information, see the programme.

Please do share our poster.  
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The event was held at the Oxford Mathematical Institute in the new Andrew Wiles Building (which itself features mathematics in its design).

LMS 150th Anniversary

You may also be interested in the other LMS 150th Anniversary events, including the launch event Unlocking Worlds which was held on Friday 16th January 2015. It was suitable for everyone from secondary school students up, and can still be watched online.

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