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25 May 2018
Claudia Scheimbauer and Alberto Paganini

Claudia Scheimbauer

Title: Quantum field theory meets higher categories

Abstract: Studying physics has always been a driving force in the development of many beautiful pieces of mathematics in many different areas. In the last century, quantum field theory has been a central such force and there have been several fundamentally different approaches using and developing vastly different mathematical tools. One of them, Atiyah and Segal's axiomatic approach to topological and conformal quantum field theories, provides a beautiful link between the geometry of "spacetimes” (mathematically described as cobordisms) and algebraic structures. Combining this approach with the physical notion of "locality" led to the introduction of the language of higher categories into the topic. The Cobordism Hypothesis classifies "fully local" topological field theories and gives us a recipe to construct examples thereof by checking certain algebraic conditions generalizing the existence of the dual of a vector space. I will give an introduction to the topic and very briefly mention on my own work on these "extended" topological field theories.

Alberto Paganini

Title: Shape Optimization with Finite Elements

Abstract: Shape optimization means looking for a domain that minimizes a target cost functional. Such problems are commonly solved iteratively by constructing a minimizing sequence of domains. Often, the target cost functional depends on the solution to a boundary value problem stated on the domain to be optimized. This introduces the difficulty of solving a boundary value problem on a domain that changes at each iteration. I will suggest how to address this issue using finite elements and conclude with an application from optics.

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