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Candida Bowtell and Joshua Bull

This session will take place live in L1 and online. A Teams link will be shared 30 minutes before the session begins.


Candida Bowtell

Title: Chess puzzles: from recreational maths to fundamental mathematical structures

Back in 1848, in a German chess magazine, Max Bezzel asked how many ways there are to place 8 queens on a chessboard so that no two queens can attack one another. This question caught the attention of many, including Gauss, and was subsequently generalised. What if we want to place n non-attacking queens on an n by n chessboard? What if we embed the chessboard on the surface of a torus? How many ways are there to do this? It turns out these questions are hard, but mathematically interesting, and many different strategies have been used to attack them. We'll survey some results, old and new, including progress from this year.


Joshua Bull

Title: From Cancer to Covid: topological and spatial descriptions of immune cells in disease

Advances in medical imaging techniques mean that we have increasingly detailed knowledge of the specific cells that are present in different diseases. The locations of certain cells, like immune cells, gives clinicians clues about which treatments might be effective against cancer, or about how the immune system reacts to a Covid infection - but the more detailed this spatial data becomes, the harder it is for medics to analyse or interpret. Instead, we can turn to tools from topological data analysis, mathematical modelling, and spatial statistics to describe and quantify the relationships between different cell types in a wide range of medical images. This talk will demonstrate how mathematics can be used as a tool to advance our understanding of medicine, with a focus on immune cells in both cancer and covid-19.

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