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Past events in this series
26 April 2019
Federico Danieli and Christian Bick

How do you create a self-sustaining, flourishing academic community in a developing country? What kind of challenges need to be overcome to ensure that quality education becomes available? What can we do to help make it happen? In this talk, we will describe our experience visiting the University of Yangon in Myanmar. During the visit, we delivered a course to the academic staff, and discussed future collaborations between Oxford and Yangon, as well as further directions for Mathematical education in Myanmar, all the while marvelling at the wonders of the Burmese culture.

24 May 2019
Philip Maini

What is the point of giving a talk?  What is the point of going to a talk?  In this presentation, which is intended to have a lot of audience participation, I would like to explore how one should prepare talks for different audiences and different occasions, and what one should try to get out of going to a talk.

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