Applied Topology Seminar

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29 January 2021

Ollivier Ricci curvature is a notion originated from Riemannian Geometry and suitable for applying on different settings from smooth manifolds to discrete structures such as (directed) hypergraphs. In the past few years, alongside Forman Ricci curvature, this curvature as an edge based measure, has become a popular and powerful tool for network analysis. This notion is defined based on optimal transport problem (Wasserstein distance) between sets of probability measures supported on data points and can nicely detect some important features such as clustering and sparsity in their structures. After introducing this notion for (directed) hypergraphs and mentioning some of its properties, as one of the main recent applications, I will present the result of implementation of this tool for the analysis of chemical reaction networks. 

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  • Applied Topology Seminar
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