Partial Differential Equations Seminar

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4 April 2018

The uniformly degenerate elliptic equation is a special class of degenerate elliptic equations. It appears frequently in many important geometric problems. For example, the Beltrami-Laplace operator on conformally compact manifolds is uniformly degenerate elliptic, and the minimal surface equation in the hyperbolic space is also uniformly degenerate elliptic. In this talk, we discuss the global regularity for this class of equations in the classical Holder spaces. We also discuss some applications.

  • Partial Differential Equations Seminar
30 April 2018
Connor Mooney

Hilbert's 19th problem asks if minimizers of "natural" variational integrals are smooth. For the past century, this problem inspired fundamental regularity results for elliptic and parabolic PDES. It also led to the construction of several beautiful counterexamples to regularity. The dichotomy of regularity vs. singularity is related to that of single PDE (the scalar case) vs. system of PDEs (the vectorial case), and low dimension vs. high dimension. I will discuss some interesting recent counterexamples to regularity in low-dimensional vectorial cases, and outstanding open problems. Parts of this are joint works with A. Figalli and O. Savin.

  • Partial Differential Equations Seminar
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