Quantum Field Theory Seminar

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Simon Wood

Some of the most studied examples of conformal field theories
the Wess-Zumino-Witten models. These are conformal field theories exhibiting
affine Lie algebra symmetry at non-negative integers levels. In this talk I
discuss conformal field theories exhibiting affine Lie algebra symmetry at
certain rational (hence fractional) levels whose structure is arguably even
more intricate than the structure of the non-negative integer levels,
one is prepared to look beyond highest weight modules.

  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar
27 February 2018
Cecile Huneau

In this talk, I will present the construction of a family of solutions to
vacuum Einstein equations which consist of an arbitrary number of high
frequency waves travelling in different directions. In the high frequency
limit, our family of solutions converges to a solution of Einstein equations
coupled to null dusts. This construction is an illustration of the so called
backreaction, studied by physicists (Isaacson, Burnet, Green, Wald...) : the
small scale inhomogeneities have an effect on the large scale dynamics in
the form of an energy impulsion tensor in the right-hand side of Einstein
equations. This is a joint work with Jonathan Luk (Stanford).

  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar
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