Past Seminars

Dr Patrik Bosander
The seminar will focus on mathematical modelling of physics phenomena, with applications in e.g. mass and heat transfer, fluid flow, and electromagnetic wave propagation. Simultaneous solutions of several physics phenomena described by PDEs - multiphysics - will also be presented and discussed. \\ \\ All models will be realised through the use of the MATLAB based finite element package FEMLAB. FEMLAB is a multiphysics modelling environment with built-in PDE solvers for linear, non-linear, time dependent and eigenvalue problems. For ease-of-use, it comprises ready-to-use applications for various physics phenomena, and tailored applications for Structural Mechanics, Electromagnetics, and Chemical Engineering. But in addition, FEMLAB facilitates straightforward implementation of arbitrary coupled non-linear PDEs, which brings about a great deal of flexibility in problem definition. Please see for more info. \\ \\ FEMLAB is developed by the COMSOL Group, a Swedish headquartered spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, with offices around the world. Its UK office is situated in The Oxford Science Park.
  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar
11 November 2003
Bruce Reed
We will discuss the mixing rate of the standard random walk on the giant component of the random graph G(n,p). We tie down the mixing rate precisely for all values of p greater than (1+c)/n for any positive constant c. We need to develop a new bound on the mixing time of general Markov chains, inspired by and extending work of Kannan and Lovasz. This is joint work with Nick Fountoulakis.
  • Combinatorial Theory Seminar