E-Newsletter July 2020

Latest Research

From designing the ideal face mask to the conflict between Maths and Egyptology…

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How do Mathematicians Model Infectious Diseases?

We are all living a mathematical model right now. Oxford Mathematician Robin Thompson’s online Public Lecture explains how models are assembled.

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Zooming Out - Our students describe their lockdowns

Most of our undergraduates spent the Summer term at home, learning and living online. How was it for them? Let them tell you in their own words.

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Stephen Hawking’s Public Lecture

In 2017 Stephen Hawking gave an Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture, one of his last public lectures. It is now available to watch for the first time.

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Student Lectures go online

Our student lectures and classes went online in the Summer term. Might they stay that way? Here's an example of a second-year lecture.

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Alumni Stories

Online Exhibition

Ann Mitchell