Some recent publications are listed below; please refer to our personal web pages for full publication lists.

Roger Heath-Brown

Tom Sanders

Giacomo Micheli

Ali El Kaafarani​​

  • (With Katsumata, S; Solomon, R)  Anonymous Reputation Systems Achieving Full Dynamicity from Lattices. To Appear at Financial Cryptography 2018.
  • (With Shuichi Katsumata) Attribute-based Signatures for Unbounded Circuits in the ROM and Efficient Instantiations from Lattices. To Appear at PKC 2018.
  • (With Essam Ghadafi) Attribute-Based Signatures with User-Controlled Linkability without Random Oracles. 16th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding (IMACC), 2017.
  • (With Liqun Chen, Siani Pearson, Bob Lindsay, Peter Raid, Nikolaos Papanikolaou) Attribute-Based Cryptography. Patent WO 2016014048 A1, 2016.
  • (With Isaac Agudo, David Nuñez, Siani Pearson) A Technique for Enhanced Provision of Appropriate Access to Evidence Across Service Provision Chains. Privacy and Identity Management, 2015
  • (With Liqun Chen, Essam Ghadafi, James H. Davenport) Attribute-Based Signatures with User-Controlled Linkability. CANS 2014.
  • (With Essam Ghadafi, and Dalia Khader) Decentralized Traceable Attribute-Based Signatures. CT-RSA 2014.