In 2014, MCFG received a sizable donation from Financial Data Technologies (FDT), a Hong Kong based company, to establish the Oxford-Nie Financial Big Data Lab with a Senior Research Fellow and a number of DPhil students. The lab works closely with FDT on several projects, including machine learning and identification, and sentiment analysis through social media data.

MCFG collaborates closely with the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, and in the past Man Group Plc provided funding for several academic positions as well as DPhil students. 

The part-time MSc in Mathematical Finance offered by the MCFG is ideally suited for those wanting high-level training in mathematical and computational techniques for quantitative finance, while already in full-time employment at a financial institution. 

The full-time MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance is intended for those who wish to enter the financial industry afterwards.

In addition, through our faculty members we have strong ties with many banks and financial services. If you have any projects or problems related to mathematical finance, perhaps we could help. If the project sounds interesting we might set it as a topic for a thesis or a paper - we are always interested in additional association with industry. For more information please contact us.