Configuring wireless for the MATHS network.


The following instructions will guide you through the process of connecting a Windows 7 laptop with the default wireless utilities through connecting to the Maths Institute wireless network. If you are using 3rd party tools to manage your wireless connection, steps will be similar, but may differ in some details. See the screen shots provided for the general settings if uncertain. 


1: Left click the wifi icon in the bottom left of the windows desktop to bring up a list of available connections. 


2: Click "MATHS" it will expand to show a "Connect" button. Click "Connect."


3: A security window will pop up, enter your credentials and click "OK". Please note that on some versions of Windows 7 this may happen twice. If so, simply enter the same credentials again. 


4: A security alert may then be displayed if you have not connected to our wifi before, or do not have the relevant ceritifcate authority certificate set as a trusted certificate (note the university previously used AddTrust but has now switched to AffirmTrust). This is normal, and you should click "Conenct" This may cause windows to prompt for the username and password again. If so, re-enter them and click "OK"


This is normally sufficient, however if the above does not work it is usually becuase the wifi has been previously manually configured. If you cannot connect after following the above procedure, you will need to input some settings by hand.

5: In order to correct the configuration, right click on the wifi icon, and then select "Open network and sharing center"


6: In the "Network and Internet" window that opens, select "Manage wireless networks" from the top left hand side. 


7: From the list that this opens, right click on "MATHS" and select "Properties". 


8: Click on the "Security" tab.


9: In the security tab, ensure that all settings are as shown below, then click "Settings".

10: A new window will open showing the settings for Protected EAP. Make sure that the contents of this window match the screenshot below (but with the trusted Root CA being AffirmTrust not AddTrust). Once all settings match, click the "Configure" button.

Validate server certificate - on. Connect to these servers -, Trusted Root Certification Authorities - AffirmTrust Commercial

11: Ensure that"Automatically use my Windows login name and password" is NOT selected. 


12: Click "OK" in all the above windows until you return to the desktop. You should now be able to connect to the MATHS wireless cell by repeating steps 1 to 4.