The Slides and Foils Classes

Method One - Slides Class

To produce slides you can simply use the slides document class. This gives you the large clear font and numbers the slides at the bottom right corner.

To produce a slide in your LaTeX you simply include the text as follows

put text etc. in here

In the slides class there are no sectioning commands and you cannot use other environments such as figures. To include a figure in your slides you simply use LaTeX of the form




Remember when writing text in xfig to set the point size bigger so that it is readable to an audience.

You can also produce overlay slides (numbered a, b etc.) by using the structure

put text etc. in here

Method Two - Foils Class

An alternative means of making slides (sometimes know as foils) is to use the foils class. This will use a 20pt font by default, it also has options 17pt, 25pt,30pt for different font sizes.

This class has no sectioning commands but does have figure/table environments (which helpfully do not float).

Although there are no sectioning commands foil headings can be produced with the command


You can add your own logo to the bottom of every foil with the command



Colour can be done in slides in the same way as in any other class by using the color package. Note however color transparencies cost the department 5 to 10 times as much as photocopy/laser printer ones (approx. 80p each).