IT Status

This page contains notices of planned maintenance, and unexpected longer outages, of IT systems that may potentially be noticeable by our users. Longer planned outages will also be announced by email.


Date/Time Impact Status
03:15 - 09:30
Several services, including the websites, VPN and mail gateway, were unavailable due to a server crash. Incoming emails have been queued and should be delivered soon. Resolved
01:00 - 08:55
There was an issue with one of the authentication (LDAP) servers, which caused logins to various systems to fail 50% of the time. Resolved
16:20 - 16:30
Zimbra was down due to an issue during a routine upgrade. Resolved
16:00 - 20:45
The Moodle Courses system was down for planned maintenance. Completed
15:10 - 15:40
SSH gateway (gate), VPN and some authentication services (LDAP for some machines that failed to fail over) were unavailable due to a server crash. Resolved
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