Room Booking

To meet rising ongoing running costs and to support the teaching and research of the Department, the following guidance applies.

Event bookings made by departmental members for any of L1-L6, C1-C6, North/South Mezzanine, Common Room, or the Boardroom in the Andrew Wiles Building, for an individual or series of related activity of half a day or more, will incur the full room hire charge at internal rates.  Please email the Events Team to request an event booking and to obtain costs: @email

Grant applications should, where permitted, include room-hire costs for events (meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences) that would use the spaces designated above. Exclusions should be justified and documented at application stage. These issues should be discussed with Research Facilitation in the preparation of the application: @email.

If you do not have access to sufficient funds (from extant grant funding or otherwise) or your grant will not allow the relevant expenditure, please state in writing why that is the case (with documentary evidence where available) and on what you are spending the funds that you have. The Department will then decide on a case by case basis whether to reduce or waive such costs.  Please note, applications for waived or reduced room-hire costs will be assessed by the Head of Administration (@email)

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